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The Stone Chambers

The Great Gatsby

by Faried Masdoeki (Hadiprana)

The Stone Chambers0274 1.jpg

Marble Masterpieces

Inspired by the movie “The Great Gatsby”, the marble flooring is complex and stylized to the Gatsby-era aesthetic, while the floating staircase and balcony are a quintessential example of Fagetti’s versatile mastery of both small and large-scale pieces.


Displayed on the staircase is a masterwork of stone production – a marble gown designed by international fashion designer Tex Saverio – created by Fagetti’s latest CNC technology to embody the sense of movement and fluidity present in fabric. In collaboration with The Grand Signature Piano, Fagetti presents a vintage model of the Blüthner Piano that slips seamlessly into a backdrop of marble and onyx.​


The wall in the Gatsby Chamber is inspired by New York City’s Empire State Building, an iconic Art Deco landmark. The complexity of the structure’s geometric fractals are a testament to the sheer scope of Fagetti’s high-tech cutting machines. With the latest innovations in production, we transform ordinary blocks of stone into ornamental shapes and artwork of the utmost elegance.

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