The Stone Chambers

The Great Gatsby

by Faried Masdoeki (Hadiprana)

The Stone Chambers0274 1.jpg

A Masterpiece

Inspired by The Great Gatsby movie, the floor along this room is complex and stylized to The Gatsby-era aesthetic, while the floating staircase and balcony is a quintessential example of Fagetti’s versatile mastery of both small and large-scale pieces.

At the lower part of the stair, there is a masterpiece, a marble gown that was created by international fashion designer, Tex Saverio with Fagetti’s latest CNC technology to create a sense of movement and fluidity. Fagetti also collaborate with The Grand Signature Piano to present a vintage-model of the Blüthner Piano that fits with an assortments of rare and exotic marble and onyx.

The wall in Gatsby Chamber was inspired by The Skycraper of New York, whic is an iconic landmark in New York’s Roaring Twenties. The structure’s geometric fractals are a testament to the sheer scope of Fagetti’s latest high-tech cutting machines. An ordinary slab or block of stone can be transformed into artwork of the most beautiful ornamental shapes.