The Stone Forest

Fagetti Exclusive Stone Exhibition 2017


Fagetti group in collaboration with Indonesia's famous interior designers, bring the forest of stone ambience to the "Stone Forest"exhibition, held on 17-21 May 2017 in ICE BSD City Hall 8-9. "Stone Forest" is combining two synergised concepts of stone and forest. The former implies solidity that could actually be as soft, even liquid as water.

Fagetti takes the opportunity to display its inventions, ideas, and latest fabrication for stones. "Stone Forest" unfolds new materials and solution for each stone. Together with Alex Bayusaputro, Hadi Komara, and Amalya Hasibuan, the exhibition features their phenomenal works with stone and forest as their main inspiration. Fagetti Group and Bika also feature their special collaboration to complement the concept.

Alex Bayusaputro, principal architect from The Genius Loci, displays his works that tells the beauty of stone and their special characteristics. Granite, Marble, Onyx, among many others, does not look as solid with his touch. "The concept of combining stone with forest to represent that stone is not as hard as it seems. It can be soft like fabric and liquid like water. The forest symbolises the softer side of the stone," Alex commented on his work.


"As the marble trendsetter in Indonesia, this exhibition is a media to communicate with our clients, and people in general, to comply the message that Ferdinand Gumanti and Fagetti will keep giving innovations in our business," said Helen Gumanti, the Executive Director of Fagetti Group on the night of Fagetti gala night, 18 May 2017.