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by Agam Riadi


The Colours of Indonesia

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"When working on an interior design project, I classify the requirements naturally based on the client's uniqueness, aesthetic, economic and necessity values," says Agam Riadi, the founder of  the Mentari Dimensi Asia Design firm. Agam, who founded his firm in 1995, finds special joy in his work when its lifestyle aspects coalesce with his values. 

"It's like savouring a never-ending cycle of creative process," he says. Agam’s strength in design is a combination of olden day romanticism and the spirit of modern energy. He cultivates a balance of interior elements and tasteful materials that creates a fresh and warm look.


His design style carries through to this year's The Colours of Indonesia exhibit, where he, Anita Boentarman, Joke Roos, Shirlet Gouw, and Vivianne Faye design a three-bedroom apartment unit. These five designers are tasked with putting together a home space based on Javanese infused style, each with their own influences and flair. In his vertical home, Agam works his magic into the foyer and library areas by leaning deeply into the classical. "Its fineness is glorified by Yogyakartan ethnic elements and detailings that sync with the overall space and highlight the desired 'Soul of Java' concept,” Agam concluded.

Ethnic Elements and Detailing

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