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Maison 12 Suite Apartment

The Colours of Indonesia 2018

The Colours of Indonesia 2018 conceptualizes the "Maison 12 Suite Apartment" as a high-end residence with elegant details. Simplicity and modernity blend flawlessly through a variety of spaces in this world class collaboration held from September 14-23, 2018, at Senayan City. We  feature influential speakers both local and international to stimulate and embolden a consicousness in future generations, inspiring them to express their love for Indonesian art and culture in design. 


Agam Riadi

The Soul of Java


Shirley Gouw

The Soul of Java


Yuni Jie

The Voyage of Borneo


Anita Boentarman

The Soul of Java


Vivianne Faye

The Soul of Java


Roland Adam

The Voyage of Borneo


Joke Roos

The Soul of Java


Prasetio Buddhi

The Voyage of Borneo


Sammy Hendramianto S.

The Voyage of Borneo

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