by Yuni Jie


The Colour of Indonesia

Educated at Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, and Pratt Institute, New York, Yuni Jie is an acclaimed Indonesian interior and product designer, celebrated for her casual and elegant style. Yuni has earned multiple honours, including a finalist in the international Young Creative Entrepreneur of the Year award held by British Council, style icon for Elle Decor Indonesia and named Woman of the Year 2016 by Herworld magazine and Indonesia Beautiful Woman 2018 by High End Magazine. Aside from her career as a designer and running Jie Design, Yuni co-founded One Fine Sky, a charity organisation focusing on empowering children to continue their education.

The Mystical Borneo


Yuni Jie's design is recognised for her timeless design philosophy. Her approach to design transcends trends and the current style. She believes in a modern spirit where the essence of function and precision speaks for itself. This very philosophy is applied when designing a master suite for Maison 12 project. With Roland Adam, Prasetio Budhi, and Sammy Hendramianto S., by her side, Yuni uses modern design concept with touches with touches and inspiration drawn from local sensibility. "For this exhibition, I'm putting forward my signature casual-elegance style," Yuni expresses. Revolving around the mutually agreed concept, The Mystical Borneo, Yuni enthrones Borneo as her source of ethnic inspiration for the two-bedroom apartment show unit. A special collaboration with artist Sandy Karman yields a Customised carpet using characteristic Borneo pattern which also applied to several panels. Neutral earth tone colours are splashed over various materials, from wood to marble, breathing elegance in the comfort of a warm space.