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by Vivianne Faye


The Colours of Indonesia

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To Vivianne Faye, an interior designer whose career spans over 25 years, design is a manifestation of self expression and spontaneity is often the fuel of creation. It is an experimental energy that gives birth to original designs that radiate drama and intrigue. An alumnus of California State University’s Art and Graphic Design program in Fresno, USA, Vivianne creates designs that emphasize a personal touch and a sense of harmony, principles that are reflected throughout her work. 


Vivianne’s previous work with a leading interior design firm in America has influenced her tendency not to be fixated on a single design style. To her, interior design should be able to transcend history and account for evolutions in style. Alongside Agam Riadi, Anita Boentarman, Joke Roos and Shirley Gouw, Vivianne’s work on the three-bedroom apartment unit shines in the second bedroom. With bold colors like emerald and gold, she elevates the patterns of Garutan batik into glamour by juxtaposing materials and color.

A Sense of Balance

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