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The Colours of Indonesia


by Anita Boentarman

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A degree in architecture at the University of Indonesia didn’t stop Anita Boentarman from pursuing the study of interior design at Boston’s New England School of Art and Design. Her love for seeking knowledge was matched only by her passion to impart it. A lecturer at her alma mater, Anita founded MILLENIA Furniture and Design in 1999, quickly accumulating projects in the residential, commercial and hospitality fields.


Both of Anita’s prior design projects for The Colours of Indonesia have established her as a designer with historical flare. Her work is a signature mix of interior elements, blending the modern contemporary style with embellishments steeped in national cultural heritage.

Unexpected Design

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In this three-bedroom apartment unit, designed in collaboration with Agam Riadi, Joke Roos, Shirley Gouw, and Vivianne Faye, Anita is assigned to the family room. "I took this opportunity to use Batik Solo as my inspiration. I want to pay tribute to Go Tik Swan Batik from Solo," she says. To elevate this project further, Anita finds a creative way of combining historical elements with a classic Peranakan design, integrating delicate visual suprises that seamlessly blend into her elegant design.

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