The Colour of Indonesia


by Shirley Gouw


Talk to Shirley Gouw about her experience, and she will spare you everything you want to
know. Her impressive background in education and career timeline reads like the who's who
of interior design and architecure universe. Educated in Chelsea College of Art & Design,
London, Inchbald of School of Design, London, as well as Parsons School of Design New
York, she gained a respective career with household names like Alexandra Design, Burriana,
Spain, Victoria Hagan Interiors New York, Selldorf Architects New York just to name a few.
After returning from New York in 2003, Shirley established her own design firm and began
working on high-end residential projects for her clients. Her time in London and New York
have shaped her into a detailed , visionary, and tough independent interior designer with a

timeless elegant style.

The Combination of Batik and Marble


Shirley designs a master bedroom and a master bathroom for Maison 12 Suite Apartment
three-bedroom unit. " I drew inspiration from the heritage of batik Pesisir Pekalongan to
accentuate the semi-classic style I design," she explains. Beautiful screen panel is adorned
with the floral motifs from the batik and resides as background for the bed. The batik main
colour, is green then highlighted as the main palette and the anchor for both master bed-
room and bathroom. The same colour scheme is also visualised on the selection of marble
and upholstery that perfectly ties in the overall space in a sophisticated traditional revival.