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by Joke Roos


The Colours of Indonesia

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An alumnus of Parahyangan University’s Architecture program, Joke Roos fulfilled a dream of hers when she co-founded Studio Air Putih with her husband, fellow architect Denny Gondo. "It has always been my passion to create function out of beauty,” she said. In her world, she derives joy in finding solutions that are simultaneously functional, enhance quality of life, celebrate culture, and have aesthetic appeal. Only when those elements are combined is she content. "Having the honour to work on some really challenging projects, I am reassured that my heart belongs to interior design," Joke said.

Elegance and Timelessness

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Her expertise is on display with her work at the Maison 12 Suite Apartment project alongside Agam Riadi, Anita Boentarman, Shirley Gouw, and Vivianne Faye. For the collaborators’ three-bedroom apartment unit, she admits that her kitchen and dining room design is a slight departure from her signature style. "I put two quite unique styles together, ethnic Javanese and Mid Century," she said, describing a fusion that is modern, yet unpretentious. Nonetheless, she maintains true to her signature style, which highlights elegance and classic details.

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