The Colour of Indonesia


by Prasetio Budhi

Prasetio Budhi's portofolio starts with a degree in Interior Design from Academy of Arts University, San Fransisco, USA. Followed by a career in several prestigious design consultants in Indonesia, his experience mould his design character and catapulted his confidence to establish PlusDesign Interior Design Company in 2003. With perseverance and skilfulness as his strong suits when it comes to details, Prasetio Budhi has landed high-class projects over the years. From residential, retail to commercial his list of achievement goes on with accolades such as The Best Work in Interior Design among others.

Modern Eclectic Theme


The Colours of Indonesia challenges Prasetio to design a two-bedroom apartment unit with Roland Adam, Sammy Hendramianto, and Yuni Jie. Taking central Indonesia as their home inspiration in Maison 12 Suite Apartment, the four of them employ monochromatic palette of black and white and Modern Eclectic theme. The use of wood accents as supporting materials add to the dynamic and appeal of their design play.